HD TV Add-Ons

Additional Set-Top Boxes – $5.95 (First one is free)

WHDVR (Whole Home DVR) – $8.95

Pause, play and rewind any show, anytime, anywhere in your house with Whole Home DVR.

Watch TV Everywhere – FREE with TV subscription

Watch TV Everywhere streams some of your favorite channels and programming to your tablet, smartphone, laptop, and other devices from anywhere you can receive an internet signal. To get started, click here and choose “West Carolina Communications” as your provider, then register with your WCFIBER account number.

Premium Packages

In addition to all the channels available in our Digital Entertainment packages, Bronze and Silver package subscribers may add several additional channel packages.

HBO - $17.95
600 HBO608 HBO HD
601 HBO2609 HBO2 HD
602 HBO Family610 HBO Signature HD
603 HBO Comedy611 HBO Family HD
604 HBO Signature
Showtime - $13.95
622 Showtime Showcase630 TMC
623 Showtime Women631 TMC Xtra
624 Showtime Next632 Flix
625 Showtime635 TMC HD
626 Showtime Too636 Showtime HD
627 Showtime Beyond637 Showtime Showcase HD
628 Showtime Extreme638 SHO 2 HD
629 Showtime Family
Starz/Encore - $13.95
640 Starz650 Encore Classic
641 Starz Cinema651 Encore Suspense
642 Starz Edge652 Encore Family
643 Starz in Black643 Starz in Black
644 Starz Comedy656 Starz HD
646 Starz Kids & Family657 Starz Kids & Family HD
647 Encore658 Starz Comedy HD
648 Encore Action659 Starz Edge HD
649 Encore Black660 Encore HD
Cinemax - $8.95
615 Cinemax617 Max HD
616 MoreMax618 More Max HD
Spanish - $5.95
350 MTV Tr3s354 ESPN Desportes
351 History Channel en Espanol355 Fox Sports en Espanol
352 Discovery Familia358 CNN en Espanol
353 Discovery en Espanol
SportsPak - $7.99
400 HRTV407 MSG Network (Madison Square Garden Network)
401 TVG415 Big 10 Network
402 Sportsman416 NFL Redzone
403 YES417 MLB HD
404 Fox College Sports Atlantic
405 Fox College Sports Central
406 Fox College Sports Pacific