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Internet & Phone

(Phone - $25)
Internet & HD TV

(HD TV - $147)
Internet & Phone & HD TV

(HD TV & Phone - $155)
250 x 250 Mbps$50$75$197$222
500 x 500 Mbps$65$90$212$237
1 x 1 Gbps$80$105$227$252

*Note: Some areas may have special internet pricing based on construction costs and neighborhood agreements.

HD TV (Starting at just $147/mo)

Internet is required for HD TV Service. WCFIBER has taken the magic of entertainment to a whole new level with our HD TV service. With our IPTV technology, you can experience Whole Home DVR, Video on Demand, HD TV, and more. We have more channels than ever before, and you can now record, pause, and rewind your favorite TV program with the touch of a button. Our HD TV service will allow you to get the best quality picture from your High Definition Television. It’s like watching TV for the first time! Come and see for yourself. Please note that TV prices are subject to change and are updated yearly in January.

WCFIBER areas in ANDERSON COUNTY use the Greenwood County Channel Guide.

*Note: WCFIBER does not offer TV in GA areas. If you are an existing GA TV customer in need of a guide, call our office at 844-30-FIBER.

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Phone (Starting at just $25/mo)

Internet is required for Phone Service. Enjoy these features FREE with your WCFIBER phone service:

Add Unlimited Long Distance (Lower 48 states and Canada) for just $5.95/mo

View Phone Add Ons    |  BatteryLink  |  Greenwood Voicemail Brochure  |  GA Voicemail Brochure | Newberry Voicemail Brochure | View Local Calling Areas

Internet (As Low as $50/mo)

Whether you’re emailing photos of the grandkids, downloading movies and music or keeping your Facebook page up-to-date, WCFIBER has the speed you need for fast access to the Internet. If you are a WCFIBER high-speed Internet customer, then you will have access to all the World Wide Web has to offer. With more and more devices connecting to the Internet, a fast and reliable Internet package is essential. WCFIBER has the packages you need to keep your devices running smoothly and efficiently.

With WCFIBER’s high-speed Internet there is something for the whole family to enjoy.

All pricing excludes taxes and surcharges. One year agreement required if accepting a promotional offer.

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