WiFi Plans

WiFi Standard – $4.95/month

A great WiFi connection, every time
• Installation of a high-end wireless router
• Password protection of your wireless network
• Set-up of select devices in the home at the time of installation
• A single point of contact for tech support, available 24/7

WiFi Extended – $7.95/month

Do you have trouble getting a strong WiFi signal in every part of your home? Get all the features of WiFi Standard, plus a WiFi extender that boosts your signal to other parts of the house. A WiFi extender is like an extra length of hose that helps you reach every corner of your garden. WiFi Extended keeps you connected everywhere in your house.
*Wiring fees apply.

WiFi Premium – $16.00/month

Get the widest ranging WiFi signal and the fastest speeds with WiFi Premium. Perfect for large homes with multiple devices and heavy-duty streaming and other data needs, with WiFi Premium WCTEL will install a WiFi mesh network. If the WiFi extender is like an extra long garden hose, the mesh network is like a complex sprinkler system. WiFi Premium gives you the best possible WiFi connection.
*Installation and wiring fees apply.